Most of Men All Wear the Cambridge Satchel Bag

Added 6/4/2012

Europe and the male has always been walking in the top tide of global fashion. Europe and the male street snap, tide IN most of the world, most of the tide fashion picture. Most of them all wear the Cambridge satchel bag.

Europe and America street snap costume show let you in on the dress collocation have the original experiences. Punk, neutral, mix build, British, all kinds of the most type clothing styles can find, and this is the tide man gathering place!

Fashion small cardigan inside take cultivate one's morality render, a fashion and feet pants, leisure and has college fan, temperament do not break individual character
The fashion circle brought tie-in and recreational leather pants, this body a little business van oh! Very cool.

TongShen black cultivate one's morality collocation, the typical British fan! Especially on the feet of this Martin boots, the mirror, oh oh oh oh
Sweater inside take shirt, this mix build the wind is very elegant, is not only the street pats male, curtilage the man is like oh .

The new spring and summer 2012 conference, the specific brand in past product development, and on the basis of continue to launch "China series", "the upstart series" and "by series", and make the men on the exclusive elite worn equipment, leading men's clothing fashionable international tide.

The new spring and summer 2012 "China series", by the LiLing as the core content, will improve products novel degrees, high grade in the first place. With concise and easy style design, transform traditional Chinese elements that have the fashionable style, the comprehensive promotion by the Chinese LiLing products to the characteristics of the brand, but also highlights the LiLing "star product landmark.

"The upstart series" the excellent design feeling, light up the whole by brand men's clothing fashionable style, a series of design and changeful, cutting the exquisite workmanship, fully showing the elite men noble quality of life for extreme pursuit and yearning.

Cambridge Satchel, still extend it to business men's clothing and wedding dress field, and emphasized outstanding season business innovation of element, fusion fashion, youth, make the whole series presents specific brand mature, at the same time as the classical style could fit into the fashion trend, and meet in all age groups on the demand of the.

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Cambridge Satchel Gives us an Appearance of Classic and Durable

Added 30/3/2012

Profusion color the effect to be reckoned with pleasing to the eye, is always the source of inspiration of designers inexhaustible, so often to the conference fashion, will become a big hot trend, especially for the spring. Such as the habit in gorgeous color palette-often times take Cambridge satchels, in order to create more jump to the young feeling, until recently launched a lot of dazzle colour handbags, change before more deep conservative handbags style, and Cambridge satchel latest Bag fluro series also to give us a priority to dozen of bright red, trying to grab limelight.

Mother’s day is coming, are generally we will buy some gft to our mother at that festival, whether the florist balloon rose, in the window decoration, or colleagues heated discussion, strong surprise atmosphere is surrounded by every day, also let a person more expectations, during the recession, how to choose a economy and economical gift is a challenge. Select the lover of minimalist modern monastic discipline and male adorn article as gifts of choice, let our mother at a performance inseparable of love, ensure that won't let she send the wrong here.

The new package just listed in spring, red bag is the proportion of not small, small to large wallet to grandiose bags, red bag figure can be found everywhere. Just over the traditional Spring Festival, and then to hot valentine's day, americans favor by deep red repose the good wish the wing, appear in the beauty of the sweet shoulder jade wrist, elegant temperament. Perhaps because of this kind of warm red adaptability is extremely strong, also can build an elegant gentle and quiet or active the ever changing images, so, the red bag fashion effect at this season never ending.

With China's wind increasingly fierce, the foreign designers for red more loving on one building, red Cambridge satchel gives priority to dozen, introduced a classical suitable for mature women carrying red bag, and the simplicity of the design and the appearance of the founder, classic and durable.

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Share You Some Tips about Maintenance of Fashionable Cambridge Satchel

Added 27/3/2012

In the woman fashion life, there are must be several bags, Cambridge Satchel will be your necessity. Now introduced you how to maintain your fashion bags. So beautiful ladies have to pay more and more attention, so make your bags have a longer life or look brand-new.

Fashionable female bag daily maintenance should notice the following aspects:

1. To keep dry, stored in the ventilation and cool and refreshing place.

2. Avoid by all means is insolate, grilled, washing, sharp objects hit and contact chemical solvents.

3. If the purse wet, can use first dry towel blot moisture, again put the newspaper or clean toilet paper tucked into leather bag, and store in a cool place ventilation air drying, don't direct insolate in the sun, it will make leather bag fade, deformation.

4. Sanded skin avoid by all means is wet water, should be with raw rubber wipe or use special care products.

5. Should be careful to protect all metal parts, wet and salt high environment will cause oxidation.

6. Leather purse need not when, had better in cotton cloth bag save, don't put in the plastic bags, plastic bag because air does not circulation, can make the leather dry and damaged. Bags into soft tissue paper or best some newspapers, to keep the shape of the bag. If do not have the appropriate bag, old pillowcase is also applicable.
7. Use the same bag every day, it is easy to cause the elasticity of the cortex tired, so best several leather bags used alternately.

Against the foreign factors on the leather violations, the following are a few the most common can damage leather examples and processing methods.

1. Besmirch spots: with clean sponge with mild soap is, white wine or alcohol KaiMa dirt, then wipe with a clean with clear water, then let the leather dry naturally. If besmirch is very stubborn, you can use cleaner solution to deal with, but be careful KaiMa, avoid damage leather surface.

2. High temperature and the sun: try not to let the purse with the sunlight contact or close to any heaters, or leather bags will become more and more dry, and leather flexibility and softness also will slowly disappear.

3. Juice: right away with clean dishcloth or sponge wiped off the juice will be dry, if need be, can use dishcloth with clean warm water erase juice, again let leather dry naturally.

4. Butter or oil: with a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the grease, let the rest of the oily be soiled insinuates itself into leather inside, don't water to KaiMa stain.
After all, hope all your Cambridge satchels will be ok and enjoy good quality. I think these tips will benefit you a lot.

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