You Need Cambridge Satchel to Make You More Elegant


The so-called pink fluro Cambridge satchel, in of yellow, green, blue, join grey, let the color looks more fashion, like the color from China. I believe, elegant as you, must have Cambridge satchel in your closet.

Don't copy the LOOK of a complete set of fashion show, we give you this summer's arrangement of men's clothing six key words, choose a will match a good effect, of course, you'd better to the six key words do individual choice, complex mixture of still will make you LOOK nondescript.

Not only the close-fitting vest to make you more masculine, a loose texture and big openings understand let you of chest type looks more sexy. A little spin shoulder line is also let this apeak feeling vest not modelling old fashioned.

Leather is not the patent of winter clothing, this summer season of the use of material more divrse, the water treatment of high quality leather particularly prominent in this season, if there are holes shammy, such as a paper thin coat of paint, bright beautiful leather, there are holes and the calf leather soft water to wash the little sheep, can give you well-ventilated cool feeling.

Simple sense of the silk shirt excellent back on T stage, quality of a material is fully thin is the key to avoid surface too bright, let you look very "visible", tie-in silk short sleeve shirt don't buckle up too, inside collocation vest is right choice.

In the classic with a faint unruly, with a stripe or grid printing the patches of joining together to awaken your dress trousers thinking, dash forward show challenge conventional dress attitude. Need to pay attention to the narrow feet and double tuck as selection criteria, such design walking can let leg ministry more rich flow aesthetic feeling, but still keep you slim and fashion line.

Cambridge satchel conjoined clothing in the season to get a new interpretation, no longer get bogged down in the modelling is simple fixtures wind, but will it do more close-fitting clipping and proper, most of the detail of the design make clothes become a conjoined reading, you don't need to bother other deserve to add details to tie-in window.

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