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Network fashion Cambridge Satchel magazines is facing the biggest challenges of how to attract group of the most influential modern readers, because network fashion is a chaotic world, messages from all directions: information web site, network magazines and blogs, personal column, news subscription, they can like print media usage and TV pictures and video to provide. It is difficult to recognize and accept or reject. If we Want to stand out from the network magazine we must have the bright color pattern Settings, and provide fashion Cambridge Satchel to attract more people with unforgettable unique content.

"We hope that people think it's like a real fashion magazine." Hintmag. Com founder and editor LeeCarter said so. Hint website was born in ten years ago, at first filled with gossip content. Now, although it is still the information the website homepage pattern rather than flash in the form of virtual magazine, is a fairly standard network fashion magazine, content style high-end alternative, close to the Nylon "and" W "magazine. In order to play to the advantage of the network on it was opened up a column, the blog, the daily news, video online shopping area, such as rich columns.

Hint often have multimedia forms of fashion large, click the play before, you have to first from several in choose a kind of music to listen to.

This has put a terrorist style of small animation, with symbolism performance Balenciaga, CommedesGarcons and many other big design style. And traditional fashion magazines, includes a Hint of fashion magazines, most of the network are rely mainly on the soft and hard of the combination of the brand advertising to make money. However, online shopping is also a means of making money. Online fashion department Net-a-Porter a week to a period of the catalogue Net-a-PorterNotes also packing into the form of magazine.
Fashion156. The founder of com GuyHipwell said, "read graduate design exhibition, the next day, I can put their works on a web site."

Since founded two years, Fashion156. Com insist every 12 updated once a day, now have some 250000 fixed users. Take out a small sum of money Hipwell himself for this website, writers will not asked for a lot, sometimes a name, exchange a link will be enough. So far, the site but made $40000. But if a Tiffany, lancome advertisement customer, at 1 to $50000 for the account is not in words.

More and more brand found in online advertising is cheaper and effective cast. Put on 3 months of autumn advertising only spent $50000-mainstream fashion magazines single page advertising at least the price. However, for the fashion brand character, no matter in online advertising is how attractive benefits, can temporarily in September, with mainstream magazine advertising comparable.

However, the network fashion magazine is definitely carve up the traditional fashion magazine advertising share but the fact that does not dispute. So the mainstream fashion magazines have launched online edition, in order to contend for online readers. But, the real difference is not in carrier.

With the continuous development of Cambridge Satchel media fashion, the reader's interest has been increasingly differentiation. By this year 35 fashion magazines skillfulness era will be far away. Fashion magazine founded network financial threshold is low, any fashion enthusiasts can do it, and the mainstream magazine fashion editor, compared to their level may not inferior, even in some ways more proficient.


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