Amphibious Cambridge Satchel Can be Used at work or for the Party


The end of season party, are feeling Cambridge Satchel bag is not enough? OL practical convenience bag slightly at will but hale; Hand bag shining a year but it three times. Do a shrewd and clever fashionable woman, might as well both in one. Today, small make up for you recommend in 12 tide day to night bag.

Hollow out, flowers, stripe, lotus leaf, with these lovely elements, sweater is no longer overstaffed pronoun, put on a warm charming sweater, began the New Year's sweet appointment.

In the new season, the sumptuous dinner bag modelling become mainstream, whether PI cao, or broken auger, with all kinds of material and color is, is the party a the most beautiful lining the partner, more women make fashionable style of the novel. Dinner bag, called "clutch", so they are MingShou bag, this year qiu dong's choice is very diverse, leather, silk damask or metal shell, removable shoulder straps, tie-in bright crystal, chromatic gem or paillette adorns, all can build a different amorous feelings.

Full of practical function, whether placed lipstick, wallet with some small essential items, are quite suitable for, plus the modest appearance, also can be used as a is a kind of like accessories, used to tie-in dress, quite denounce happy event. Even to run a lot of party, easy control dinner bag, in this season will never being impolite.

Exciting sense of party season comes, hip and grab an eye to have enough of gear, but will take some idea, change into a small formal attire, bring bling bling act the role of article, wander in size between the parties, the most suitable match a small and delicate way clutch bag of dinner.

Black of bud silk small bag, modelling is enchanting but send out a natural and graceful do some momentum, already can usually collocation, it is the party most fashionable perceptive reflected, who let its bud silk this year qiu dong shocked?

Let's go back to the childhood memories-jigsaw puzzles, signs of chaos colour and the shape of the rules, let others with curiosity to guess it USES eye, not very interesting?
Black coat of paint chain bag bag, the design of the zero to button my wallet modelling, black and gold chain belt off the extremely costly each other arrogance, copy is like a richly fashion variations as beautiful and amazing.

Very pretty bowknot of the bag, the practical removable carry, light and convenient and elegant the modelling of restoring ancient ways, let you how to match all good-looking.
Always with fashion Cambridge Satchel, in the attic is not exceptional also, give up big hot leopard grain, the choice of the conservative black more perfect highlights the simple sense of fur, elegant in raise your hand is cast sufficient between reveal.

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